Heather Marie Koowootha


Region: Yarrabah Queensland
Clan Group: Wik Mungkan, Djabuguy/Yidinji
Born: 1966, Cairns, Far Nth Qld

Heather developed a love for art in primary school and only in the past year has she had the opportunity to seriously devote more time to art and learning new skills at Canopy Art Centre, Cairns.

Heather’s works are inspired by stories and experiences growing up and her print works, in particular, portray detailed drawings based on lore and order, sacred land protocols, bush medicine, bush classroom, bush food, cultural punishments, and other themes based on community life, history and culture.

Heather works in a range of mediums such as painting, drawing, printmaking, jewellery, and weaving. Heather is also interested in listening to stories that inform her work.

Glen Mackie (Kel Kalak)

Region: Yam (Father) & Yorke (Mother), Torres Strait Queensland
Clan Group: Gudumadh
Tribe: Kulkalagal
Born: 1975, Yam Island, QLD
Language: Iama Tribe

Glen has a distinguishable bold design style featuring wonderfully threadlike lines. He explains that he has been elected as Yam Island’s ‘official’ storyteller. Glen’s mission is to keep alive the sacred stories of the four brothers who travelled from the north before memory and settled at Zenadh Kes, or what most Australians know as the Central and Eastern Torres Strait Islands.

In Glen’s works, art and law are combined heroically – the figures are woven into rhythmic patterns of design. Paintings, prints and sculpted objects by Glen are held in numerous private and public collections nationally.

Royalties are paid to the artist’s, from the proceeds of every sale and we will be continuing to develop our support of established and emerging artists and their cultural practices.

10% of sales goes directly to the artists of Far North Queensland.

Disclaimer: Deakin Beach Art Clothing Company thongs are high-quality-art dress thongs. They are designed for visual appeal and comfort. They are not intended for use during strenuous activity. Artwork and thong material may wear and diminish through everyday wear. Our thongs feature genuine Australian indigenous artwork. Indigenous artists receive royalty payments so we can reproduce their fantastic art on your beautiful footwear. Limited edition/under copyright. Caution: Soles and artwork on top of the sole may become slippery when wet.